Favorite Authors

Upon glancing over the site I realized that nowhere did I mention who and what I like to read. So, here is the list by author, with a few notes, and links to their official websites if possible. This list is of course a growing and changing organism, as I discover new authors. Further, the views/material reflected in the linked websites are strictly the property of their owners, and do not necessarily reflect my views.

Robert Asprin I haven’t read any of his books lately, but the Myth Adventures series kept me laughing and entertained for a long time as a teenager. I also rather liked the first couple of Phule books, and read most of his Thieves World anthologies, which were full of amazing stories by a variety of authors.

Lois McMaster Bujold Another of my all time favorite authors, fighting with Misty Lackey for top position. The Miles Vorkosigan books are perfectly delightful, but my favorites are the Chalion books. I need to read further in the series still. She also wrote the book which could perhaps be termed my favorite, or at least my most often re-read book, “A Civil Campaign.”

Gail Carriger One of my new favorite authors, I’ve been in love with her books since I read the first page on her agent’s website, before the book had even been published. She writes Paranormal Steampunk, and every book is a delight to read. Her style is fun, tongue-in-cheek, and vivacious. She’s just started a new YA series, and I can’t wait for the next one to come out!

Agatha Christie A giant in her field, and truly a genius of the mystery genre. My favorites are the Miss Marple stories (I wish there were more!), with Hercule Poirot coming as a close second. One of the few mystery authors who always manages to surprise me at the end.

Raymond E. Feist A solid fantasy author, and excellent world-builder. As far as I know, all his works are in the same ‘Universe’ though a couple of different worlds, which gives him a rather enormous scope for world-building. I would classify his work truly Epic fantasy.

Robert A. Heinlein His books at first repelled me, but as I’ve matured as a reader, I have come to appreciate them more. The first of his novels which I enjoyed (note: not the first I read) was “The Glory Road.” I’ve since come to know and love the Lazarus Long and related books.

Mercedes Lackey She is one of my very favorite fantasy authors, and I’ve read most of her books. I am not fond of the Bedlam bard series, Serrated edge, or Diana tregarde. On the other hand, my favorite fantasy series of all time is probably the Valdemar books, though it is now getting some competition from the Dragon Jousters series.

C. S. Lewis A classic. I’ve never read a book by him which I didn’t enjoy, though I have not read all his works. This is not to say I re-read his works frequently, but I still enjoyed them when I did. I believe his “Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe” was the first Fantasy Novel I ever read.

Jane Lindskold I’ve only ever read her Firekeeper books, but I positively adore them. I think she took the ‘raised by wolves’ story and gave it an interesting new twist. Also, I’ve found her characters, both human and otherwise, to be thoroughly engaging.

Anne McCaffrey Another Fantasy author I’m quite fond of, though only in parts. I enjoyed some (not all) of her Pern series, have loved all of her Brain Ship books, and thoroughly enjoyed the Freedom series (I wish she’d do some more, actually!). The inter-related Talent and Tower and Hive series are also among my absolute favorites.

Elizabeth Peters Though she writes under many names, I’ve only ever read those under this name and her non-fiction. I’ve read every single Amelia Peabody mystery she wrote. She is single-handedly responsible for my fascination with Egypt. One of the few authors that I can say honestly and without doubt changed my life in a profound way.

Tamora Pierce Though often shelved in the YA section due to the age of her protagonists, her books are quite suitable and enjoyable for all ages. Both my mother and I have read and enjoyed every book she’s written, except possibly one or two of the most recent which haven’t come out in paperback yet. Her characters are engaging, and her style interesting. Her plots are generally simple, but altogether fascinating.

Terry Pratchett This man is brilliant. And one of my heroes. Read his books. That is all.

J. R. R. Tolkien Of course. The classic, the godfather, even the originator. How could I not list him? Yet he is not my favorite author, merely one of the first Fantasy authors I ever read.


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