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Lia Wolff

About Me: I am a writer. Lia Wolff is my pseudonym for all my fiction and some of my non-fiction. I have an MA in Classics and Ancient History, which has inspired several novel ideas, and am now a Domesticated Academic. Reading, of all kinds, has been my passion since I was very small, and writing is the natural extension of this passion for me. Some of my non-fiction has been published in the premiere issue of Conjurings Fantasy Magazine.

I write fantasy, steampunk and historical fiction. I’m currently wrestling with my Egyptian Novel, which is a recalcitrant and stubborn beast. When I’m procrastinating, I write short fiction instead.

I am also in charge of social media and writing for the creative studio/game company Roan Arts. I curate most of the DevBlog content, and create original fiction for posting there (among other things).

About the Library: I ramble about Writing, Reading, and Life in general here. Between Motherhood and concentrating on both fiction and non-fiction projects, this blog has been a bit sidelined and only gets updated irregularly. So please, feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed or via email using the form in the sidebar in order to make keeping up to date easier. You can also chat with me on Tumblr or Twitter (links on my Contact page). I love meeting new reading friends.

Obligatory Disclaimer: All content on this site, unless specifically stated otherwise, belongs to me. Thieves, trolls, and other unpleasant characters will be laughed at, used as material for scathing satires, and possibly chewed on. You have been warned!

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