Belly Buttons Are Weird

It occurred to me on my way to work yesterday morning that belly-buttons are basically just scars commemorating our transition to “independent being.” It’s really kind of weird to ponder, but we literally have to be ripped from our mothers’ bodies, and there’s a scar left afterwards. I’m not sure why this strikes me as so weird. But it really is an unbelievably weird design-feature.

No I’m not totally spazzed out and sleep-deprived, shut-up!

Ok, maybe I am a bit. But life is returning to normal after the hoopla of any major family gathering (my Grandfather’s memorial service was actually quite a success). I’ve got a day off from work, and I’m even getting back to working on the Novel. Slowly, as always. But work is happening non-the-less.

Also, the puppies grow apace, and are even beginning to walk now! This is the only recent picture fit to post, of one of the prettier ones. Puppies move around. A lot. Seriously considering video for all future image-capture occasions…

Two weeks old

Two weeks old

Did you know puppies have belly-buttons too? They get hidden by fur and such later, but they’re pretty adorable. If I could get a clear picture I totally would, but the aforementioned wriggling has precluded that so far.

Shut-up, belly buttons are awesome.


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