“My Lord John”

This review of My Lord John by Georgette Heyer was originally posted to Goodreads on June 13th 2012.


It took me a VERY long time to finish this book, relative to it’s length. This was mostly due to the rather dense style and obscure language. The book is written entirely in medieval language, which while comprehensible is a bit like reading Shakespeare; it takes some getting used to. It’s also difficult to remember who is who in relation to everyone else as they all have several titles (which change occasionally) and practically everyone is named John, Richard, Henry, or Joan (which is hardly Heyer’s fault, of course).

While the book in it’s current form is slightly disappointing, in certain parts you can see what might-have-been if Ms. Heyer had ever had a chance to finish and edit the manuscript herself. Everywhere her research shows through, but in a few places her characters really develop into humans rather than historical ciphers. But the most poignant reminder of the unfinished status of the book is that it actually cuts off mid-sentence at the end. It made me think of her writing, perhaps up until the very end of her life, and I was saddened to think she would never see the work she considered her “magnum opus” finished and published


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