More Research

Most skillful fiction requires a certain amount of research, even if it’s just general outlines of a topic, no more than you can get from an hour or so on Wikipedia. Historical fiction of all types (Historical Romance, Historical Fantasy, Etc) requires exhaustive amounts in order to fool the reader into believing they are actually in the past. Of course, the trickiest part is to then write your story in such a way that all of that research is hidden from the reader.

So, because I’ve returned to my Egyptian Historical Novel, I’ve been researching again. I finally realized that the research would never be done, and I just had to start writing. As I came up to a new chapter, if I needed to stop writing and do some further research first, that would be fine, but I had to start, or I’d never get past the researching phase.

Because Egyptology, especially the village of Deir el Medina where my novel is set, was my major area of study for my degrees, I have a bit of an advantage. For one thing, I already have a fair number of useful source-books and literature. I also have a pretty good idea of which books/publications I still need to read, or in some cases re-read. One of these I have since ordered for my personal library because it would be useful for other projects as well. So I tracked down a copy of this book (a rather difficult prospect) and placed an order. Over a month ago. It still hasn’t shipped, and no word from the company.

Some books only have a few facts I need, minor points I just need to confirm for accuracy. My missing book is different. It contains basically my entire cast of supporting characters (the main characters as well, but they at least are in other publications too), their names, jobs, biographical information, relationships. One can see how it may be a bit difficult to proceed without it.

I need my book, damnit.




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  1. February 8, 2013 at 12:18 am

    […] mentioned before (in this post) about a specific book I need for research purposes. I also mentioned how much trouble I was […]

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