I really hate doing it…

I’m currently waiting on two relatively major events. First, my due date is rapidly approaching (about 11 days) so I am at the stage of pregnancy where labor could literally begin at any moment.

*Pauses hopefully waiting for a contraction to start….*


Anyway, the second event is I am still waiting to hear back about the AW Spec Fic Anthology and my submitted story. My story made it through the first round of rejections, and the rest of us are now waiting on the edge of our chairs to find out who made it into the final volume and who didn’t. Again, we could literally hear any day at this point.

*Checks email in-box for millionth time.*

Needless to say, this double dose of hopeful waiting is making me horrifically restless. I’m not good at waiting patiently, and I am especially not good at waiting patiently when there is no certain deadline. Not being able to count down to a specific day makes waiting that much harder. I do have a few tricks to try and reduce my waiting-for-something jitters, however.

  1. Writing. Sometimes, writing is a great way to take one’s mind off the waiting. I haven’t been doing as much writing as I should, but I have been doing a bit, as well as other associated activities, such as planning and research for various stories.
  2. Reading. Reading always takes my mind off of things. My doctor even asked if I would be reading while I was in labor, to which I naturally replied “You bet your britches!” (Ok, I didn’t actually say that, but I wish I had). After all, I’ll need something to take my mind off of my body trying to turn itself inside out.
  3. Nail-biting. A time-honored response to waiting to hear about submission-status!
  4. Shopping and Housework. Shopping for baby-things and organizing the nursery of course, not those boring daily house-hold tasks or grocery shopping. Unfortunately, I’m beginning to run out of things I could possibly need for my son (I’ve started stockpiling diapers now) and the nursery is about as set up and ready to receive a newborn as it is possible for us to make it. Which only leaves…
  5. Whining on the Internet. Really, the best time-waster and waiting tactic available to either a writer OR an expectant mother!


  1. bettielee said,

    October 2, 2011 at 2:17 am

    I’m at 40 in the queue of the mag I subbed a short to… despite the fact it’s the weekend, I keep checking….. Good luck makin’ that baby! 🙂

    • Lia said,

      October 2, 2011 at 7:29 am

      Hehe, yea I can’t help checking my email, even though I’m pretty sure we won’t be getting any responses this weekend from Mac. And thanks! Good luck with your submission! 🙂

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