Submission is Scary


Today I sent out my first story submission in well over a year. A few weeks ago I saw the announcement of the Absolute Write Speculative Fiction Anthology over on the AW Forums, and a day or two later had a story idea to go with it. I wrote, edited and submitted it faster than I’ve ever written anything else. Now it’s just about the waiting. And that’s scary. If I was a nail-chewer, I’d be down to the second knuckle already. As it is, I think I’ll probably just give up on sleeping instead.

On the other hand, it’s also terribly exciting. I feel better about myself, both in general and as a writer than I have in weeks, or even months. I finished something, and I had a lot of fun doing it too! Even if the story doesn’t make it into the AW Anthology, that’s a big accomplishment. I will be utterly thrilled if my first story published for pay is from AW because that site has become my favorite internet hang-out and a source of some very good friends. But I won’t be heart-broken if I get a rejection from them either, since there are always other places to send stories.

Most importantly, this has me excited to be writing again, and already laying plans for polishing other completed stories and starting new ones. It may even lead me back to finishing a novel, polishing it, and sending it out.

Meanwhile, I think I’ll sit over here and work out how to train my dog to monitor my email while I sleep.


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