“By the Book”

Erotic Romance novel by Scarlett Parrish

Upon looking back over my blog a while ago, I realized that while I have a character interview with the love interest from Scarlett Parrish‘s erotic romance novel, By the Book, somehow I managed to not yet post my thoughts on the book itself. First, of course, the usual disclaimer that Scarlett is a dear friend and I beta’ed this particular book extensively (I’m even mentioned in the acknowledgements as Lia Booke). That being said, I can sum up my review for the book thusly:

Buy it, read it, love it. That is all.

…No? Not enough? Alright, well perhaps I ought to write a little more about the actual plot of the story and character development and such. I’ll put it all below the cut of course, for those of you who don’t want spoilers.

By the Book is the story of Reece Hutton and his journey from totally-straight to madly in-love with Daniel Cross. Along the way, he has to reconcile his feelings for his girl-friend, Georgia, with his feelings for the beautiful Daniel. Meanwhile, Georgia decides she is too threatened by the advent of Daniel into their lives and issues an ultimatum: him or me. Poor Reece is devastated by this and faced with an inability to decide between the two. Georgia takes the problem out of his hands by breaking up with him, and Reece turns to Daniel for comfort and eventually, love.

Throughout the entire book I wanted to cuddle Reece. Following him around from just behind his left ear really gives the reader a good appreciation of the trial and anguish he suffers over the course of the book. It also gives us a great view of the so-sexy Daniel, particularly during a few memorably steamy scenes. Daniel Cross is not a character for the faint of heart, but I love him for his boldness and devil-may-care attitude. He is definitely not your average introverted author! I even like Georgia, for all I wanted to smack her for breaking Reece’s heart like she does. While I don’t agree with her view, I have to respect her integrity in speaking up immediately and not stringing Reece along with false hopes. Despite Reece’s anguish, I do think the situation works out for the best by the end, which is one of the most adorably sweet endings I think I’ve ever read.

This is not an action-packed book, and may not appeal to some readers since much of the conflict takes place in Reece’s heart. However, the characters are engaging and believable, the writing is solid, and the steamy scenes are suitably sexy. By the Book is a book I can heartily recommend to any reader of Erotic Romance.

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