I got nothin’….

No really…

I am absolutely at a loss for what to write today. And even if I had any ideas, I’d be too distracted to write them. Holly is adorable, and I love her to death, but she takes a lot of time and attention. She is halfway to being housebroken already (I’m telling you, my puppy is brilliant) but I still have to watch her closely for signs of needing to go out. When I’m not watching to make sure she doesn’t mess in the house, I have to keep a close eye on what she’s putting in her mouth. Like all babies, everything she encounters goes in her mouth first (including dirt and pebbles *sigh*) and what goes in gets chewed on.

Currently, she’s watching my fingers type, with the most adorable expression on her face while sitting on my feet. Which probably means she’s about to start chewing on something, and the most likely candidate is my fingers. Puppy teeth are so darn painful!

Anyway, I hope everyone had a delightful Christmas, full of family and small fuzzy things and lots of good food and fun. Today’s post may be a bit light on substance, but Wednesday’s will be a bit more interesting, I hope.


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