“Cover Me”

Erotic romance thriller.

If anyone had ever asked me before if I would read an erotic-romance thriller, I would have looked at them like they’re crazy. Just not my genre at all. However, L. A. Witt’s new novel Cover Me is just that and I swear, I could NOT put it down. In the interest of full disclosure, I am a confirmed fan-girl of this particular author. That being said, what’s the point of having a blog if you can’t be a fan-girl on it occasionally?

Obligatory Warning: Please do not click through the cut if you are under age or are offended by explicit content.

Cover Me is the story of Nick and Andrew, a paramedic and a detective respectively, who meet at a crime-scene. Nick saves one woman’s life, but another dies, and Nick begins to get death threats and accusations of being racist. Andrew tries to help, and in the process the two fall in love. However, Nick also becomes more and more paranoid (with good reason) and that starts to drive a bit of a wedge between the two men.

Nick and Andrew’s relationship starts out as very much “just sex.” It works for them, and they like it that way. Later, it evolves, but throughout it is thoroughly hot! But for me, the most interesting part was watching Nick slowly lose his mind and cope with being a target, both of hate and of the news-cycle. The thriller-aspect did keep me on the edge of my seat, but I don’t want to give too much of that part away, since I don’t want to rob anyone of the pleasure of finding out what happens in the last few chapters! I will say that the final chapter is sweet, heart-wrenching, and suspenseful. Really, you can’t ask for much more from a last chapter.

Seriously, I loved this book, and the characters are, as Witt’s always are, interesting and engaging and thoroughly lovable. There’s a few points in the middle where I want to smack the hell out of Nick, but he gets over that bit, and develops some sense. Cover Me is absolutely worth reading again though. But, as Lavar used to say, don’t take my word for it!


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