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A blog post on a day other than Sunday! Gasp!

I know. You’re all in shock, this is a blog post, and it’s not Sunday. But fear not! It won’t be a “real” blog post today. Today will be mainly some news and short announcements.

First, my very first guest blogger will be appearing right here in this very space! Ok, not this space, but on this blog in a space very similar to this one. Her name is Maria Zannini, and she writes Science Fiction and Fantasy with a touch of Romance. Check out her blog to find out more, and come back on October 24th to see what she has to say!

Secondly, there is a contest you should be aware of if you are a writer who participates in Nanowrimo (which is only a month away! Eek!). It is hosted by my very good friend Lori, and is her Nano Contest! You can read about it at her blog, but basically it is a random lottery for Nano winners. So, if you think you can write 50,000 words in 30 days, and think you’d like a signed copy of one of Lori’s books (and who wouldn’t, right?) you should enter the contest!

In other news, life has settled into some semblance of normalcy again, and writing is even back on the schedule, finally. Meanwhile, I’m jumping feet-first into the job-search market. Easily one of my least favorite parts of being an adult is finding a job (not having one, that doesn’t bother me, depending on the job). Still, during the job-search process I will certainly have plenty of time to finish TBG at last. Then it will be time to edit, inflict it on a willing victim beta reader, revise, and then query. Hopefully I can have most of this process complete by the time Nanowrimo rolls around on November 1st.

I feel a bit odd not being a student anymore. I’m not really doing anything I haven’t done before during periods outside of school, but I still feel a bit at loose ends. I’ve spent most of my life in the category “student” but that category no longer applies except in the existential sense that I’m certainly still learning things each and every day. Now I’m a bit unsure of how to qualify myself. If I’m not a student anymore, then what am I?

Now I’m just a writer. There are worse categories to fall into in life, I think.


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  1. September 29, 2010 at 9:25 pm

    Ref: First, my very first guest blogger will be appearing right here in this very space!

    Yay! And looking forward to it, Lia!

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