Or, why this blog isn’t funny.

It’s not that I don’t have a sense of humour (I do, and I prefer funny to dramatic any day) or that I’m not witty occasionally. I grew up exchanging witticisms with an accomplished Shakespeare impersonator, though I usually “lost” the battle of words. To be fair, I was only seven or eight. I just can’t seem to inject humour into my writing however. At least, nothing I write strikes me as funny, unless it’s in that “Oh my god I can’t believe I wrote that, someone please shoot me and end the embarrassment” sort of funny.

One way to do humour is parody. This type of funny I have managed on several occasions, but each time I become afraid to try it again. Sure, I managed to make Scarlett nearly pee her pants on a bus once, but I wasn’t really trying. It was probably a fluke or something. I know, they say that the only failure is never even trying, but I think they’re wrong. I mean, what’s worse than promising laughs and then forgetting to bring the funny?

Barring humour, I wouldn’t mind succeeding at light-hearted. Currently, the only novel I have which might qualify for the insertion of a touch of light-heartedness is Sioned’s Tale. The short story, “A Mechanical Misadventure” is meant to be light-hearted and a little silly. I also have some plans for a novel in which one of the main characters is a cat, which will doubtless increase the opportunity for levity and perhaps some humour since we all know that cats are playful creatures, many of whom like to make silly jokes with bad spelling and grammar.

The problem with humour is that what some find funny, others find offensive and what some find incomprehensible others find uproariously witty. Nor is it something which can be exactly quantified. It requires a deft, almost instinctive understanding of timing, and I’ve never been very good with rhythm.

I suppose you could consider this blog post my opening salvo in a conscious attempt to be more amusing. I think I need more ammunition.

Thought for the Week: “The secret to humour is surprise.” Aristotle

Currently Reading: Pyramids by Terry Pratchett


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