Plots and Titles

Some writing news at last.

Sorry for the late post, I’ve been more than usually abstracted today (as opposed to the days when I’m distracted). At any rate, I’m overhauling the plot of  Out of the Library and have re-named it Sioned’s Tale. I’ve had some feedback on various aspects of the plot and character development, and I realized that the original plot was pretty weak and the characters were a bit off. Perhaps realized is the wrong word, though. Admitted probably comes closer to the truth, actually.

Sometimes it’s difficult to admit that what a piece of writing needs isn’t so much an editor as a machete. I’ve only just recently taken on reworking my short fairy story which has been sitting on my hard-drive unedited for five months because I was reluctant to admit that what it really needed was a new plot. Anyway, now I’m admitting the need to eviscerate my novel, and acting on that admission accordingly.

It has a new first chapter, beginning in a new place. The main character’s motivation is shifted and clarified, the bratty-little-brother antagonist has morphed into an actual opponent (though still not so much villainous as venal, grasping, and greedy), I’ve added a whole new race into the middle, and an all out war near the end. There’s also some incidental minor changes to characters and events throughout the story, and a drastically different conclusion for the Princess. Once you pull one thread in a story, you’ve got to be ready to tug somewhere else to balance things out. If all the threads of the story aren’t connected, you’ve got to go in and connect them, or you risk the whole construction falling apart in the middle.

That’s where I am with Sioned’s Tale. I know exactly what I want to add and change. Unfortunately, it is much simpler to plan out changes to a finished story than to implement them. I feel the continuity crumble ever time I pull a thread to straighten it out. It will come together eventually though. I hope.

Thought for the Week: “Any time you get two people in a room who disagree about anything…there is a scene to be written.” Aaron Sorkin

Currently Reading: Surrender None: The Legacy of Gird by Elizabeth Moon


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