Rainbow Ark

All of the pictures were taken at the Ark by me.

Tubs guards the cat-food. So fierce!

You might say I’m a bit of an animal lover, but that’s like saying the North Pole is a bit chilly. As long as I can remember, I’ve always lived with at least a cat or two and usually a dog, sometimes fish and other small creatures too. There was also the long period where I aspired to become a small animal veterinarian, until I discovered just how beyond my capabilities Calculus is (we don’t talk about that time). As you might imagine, the past two years of living without so much as a gold-fish for an animal companion have been pure hell. Alright, maybe not hell, since we’ve lived interesting places and done fun things during that period, but both my husband and I greatly miss our animal companions. He, lucky bastard, has just returned to a house full of dogs and fish for the next three months while I languish here, petless.

Hubby playing with one of the dogs.

What does all this have to do with today’s post title, you may ask? Simply put, the Rainbow Ark is a volunteer based animal sanctuary run by an extremely dedicated mother/daughter team. My husband has been volunteering there for the past month, and I finally went out to meet all the animals (and people) he had been telling me about. Now, this was partially motivated by a desire to help with the worthwhile, yet rather hopeless, task these women have taken on. But my primary motivation was the prospect of playing with an assortment of kitties, dogs, ferrets, horses…you get the idea. It actually turned out to be a really wonderful day, part of it spent seeing and playing with all the animals and hearing their stories, and part of it spent working side by side with my husband.

Kenny the playful Jack pretends he's not terrorizing the ferret.

And what does all this have to do with you, dear Reader? Simply, I am hoping to spread awareness of this worthy cause. They are in desperate need of everything, from labor to pet-food to legal counsel, and the little my own family can contribute feels like a drop in the bucket. So, since I have this convenient platform already, I figure I may as well use it for some good. If you happen to be looking for something to contribute to and are an animal lover, I urge you to consider the Rainbow Ark. I can personally guarantee the depth of the need, and the care devoted to the animals who live there, many of whom would have been killed long ago. And if you can’t contribute personally, spread the word anyway!

Official Website for contributions and further information.

One of the friendlier kitties.


1 Comment

  1. Alex said,

    June 2, 2010 at 11:21 pm

    Awwwww. I feel a little teary; really, I do. I love my pets so much.

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