See Lia. See Lia Procrastinate.

Not a children’s story.

Coffee? Check. Resources, online and off? Check. Twenty-four hours before deadline?Check. Compelling and coherent argument for major Classics paper?…*sigh*

That’s right, dear Readers. It’s that time again. Time to watch your friendly neighborhood Author procrastinate writing an important paper (you’ll notice I’m updating my blog rather than write it). This post is primarily whiny angst about how I don’t want to write my paper, so if you skip it, I’ll understand. Really.

So, this paper, which is part of my final grade for my primary Classics module (as opposed to the other modules where the paper is the entire grade) is due tomorrow. The subject is talking about a quote from one of our reading assignments dealing with the clashes between what the author calls ‘text’ and ‘object’ and how this raises problems for Classical Studies as a whole. In this case, ‘text’ refers to any sub-discipline of Classics which primarily studies ancient texts, and ‘object’ deals with those sub-disciplines who focus on that elusive category, ‘material culture.’ This is a subject which is very near and dear to my heart, and the position of the original author of the quote which is my writing prompt very nearly matches my own. Only, you know, more verbose because he’s a professional philologist.

The problem is, I have to spend at least 2500 words, explaining how and why I agree with him, complete with bibliography and foot-notes. Now, I can ramble on saying nothing with the best of them, but there’s only so many ways you can say “He’s right, go read his paper” before you begin to sound derivative. And unfortunately, they don’t hand out very good marks for ‘derivative’ in my department.


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