Projects, past and present.

A bit of a roundup of writing projects, and their statuses. There is supposed to be a picture with this post, but WordPress refuses to wrap text.

It is with great satisfaction that I announce the completion and submission of my two papers. Not only that, but also the completion of this year’s classes. Technically.* Finally, I can think of something fun, instead of worrying about school work. Well, for a day at least. Then I’ll have to move on to other papers. But this weekend, it’s all about fun writing!

First, I have Rho’s Odyssey to write for. I’m up next, so my section will be up here in the next day or two. If you haven’t read them already, visit Rho’s Index over at Dark Wyrm Reads and read the Prologue and the first two sections. While I’m on the subject, you’ll notice two shiny new badges over on the right. One takes you through to Rho’s Index. The other takes you to my favorite web-comic of all time (and the one that got me interested in steampunk) Girl Genius. Everyone should read it. I leave it to the astute Reader to figure out which is which. Think of it as a free I.Q. test! *grin*

I also still have my ongoing projects, Out of the Library and Through Brass Goggles. The former still needs a major overhaul of plot-line and a bit of character help. TBG on the other hand just needs to get finished. I’m having further ideas for it all the time, including perhaps sticking the first part of Zona’s story onto the beginning, and making it a two-part novel, instead of two novellas. The only problem with that idea is that I want to write the first part of the story in 3rd person, while TBG is in 1st person. I’ll figure it out eventually though.

Finally, my latest big project, and a reinvention of myself as a writer (I know, you’re saying “what, already? You only just started, Lia!” but bear with me). A while ago I had an idea spawned during my dissertation research for a historical novel. An Egyptian historical, to be precise. I immediately began to research it, and have fallen utterly in love with the idea. And it hit me, why didn’t it occur to me to write Egyptian historicals before? After all, we’re talking about my passion, and a subject I almost/may still turn into a career! What could be more perfect than to turn it into a career in another way? So, I have begun Gift of the Golden Goddess, code-named “Gift” for now, though it is still in very, very early stages. “Gift” is the story of Kenna and Meryt, two Egyptians living in the village of Deir el Medina (known at the time as The Village, or The Place of Truth) during the reign of Ramses III. They are young, and very recently married when Kenna discovers Meryt sleeping with Mery-Sekhmet, a rich young scoundrel from the village. Kenna and Mery-Sekhmet have some past history as well, and to make the knot even tanglier, Mery-Sekhmet impregnates Meryt. All of these people are real, and I am piecing their story together from the documents of the village, which means that the actual writing is going a bit slower. Soon I hope to be able to really get going on it, though, and turn it into a nicely polished novel by the end of the summer.

All in all, I’m really enjoying the writing this weekend, and am now going to get back to it. Keep an eye out for Part 3 of Rho’s Odyssey here, and if you’d like to continue the story, stop on over at the Prologue and sign up!

*Only technically because I still have several review sessions next term, and another lecture to finish up one module.

Thought for the Week: “Writing is the most fun you can have by yourself.” Terry Pratchett

Currently Reading: Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett


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  1. January 12, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    […] that’s right. Today is officially Girl Genius Day. I’ve mentioned before how much I love the webcomic Girl Genius, and how it started my interest in steampunk. It is […]

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