Procrastination and Deadlines

Excuses for my next several short posts. I swear it’s a good one!

I’m procrastinating. On deadline, too. I have two papers, a 1000 word literature review and a 2500 word formative essay, due in about a week and a half. I am prepared for neither, at this point. Fortunately, I have just enough time, that if I buckle down, to complete both assignments with a proper attention to detail. Neither assignment is a surprise, as I’ve known about them both since at least the beginning of Epiphany term. I have a slight excuse for the literature review, since the book I chose to review got recalled from me several times. At this point, even if the library recalls it again, I will be able to hold on to it until my deadline is past. From now on, I have no excuse.

I do this frequently, I must say. I wait, procrastinate, tell myself I have weeks or months left, and that other projects are more pressing. Then, suddenly I realize that the deadline I thought was weeks away is only one week, or maybe even a few days, away. Yet somehow, I always manage to produce something before the last minute. Some times it is merely passable, enough to keep the look of sorrow and disappointment from my professor’s (or whoever’s) face. Other times, it is as if I was inspired, and I produce some of my very finest work ever. There doesn’t seem to be any particular criteria for what type it will be, except perhaps how far in advance I begin “preparing” for the assignment.

As I roll up my metaphorical sleeves and get to work, I wonder which I will produce this time. Gems that astound even me, or yet another near-total flop?



  1. March 11, 2010 at 12:16 am

    Your post brings back a familiar old feeling…I’ve been where you are all too many times. This is one advantage to getting old – I don’t have to work that hard anymore! Good luck with the assignments.

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