Egyptian Vacation Notes

Many apologies dear Reader for the lack of an update on Sunday. I was marooned without internet in the lovely land of Egypt. I admit, I didn’t miss the wider world too much, in my little slice of Paradise. I must say, I am thoroughly refreshed, and ready to begin the new season of classes. My writerly inspiration was also quite refreshed, and I am ready to begin my new year of writing as well.

Egypt is a fascinating country, and in many ways not at all what I expected. My impressions, fleeting as they are, are rather mixed on the whole. On the one hand, Ancient Egyptian history and art is one of my passions, and to see the actual carvings and still colorful decorations on actual tombs was one of the highlights of my life. On the other hand, I was quite shocked at the level of poverty evident everywhere in a country I have always idolized. I will not give a blow-by-blow account of my vacation here, but I did want to touch briefly on my trip, particularly since I suspect that it will be influencing my writing for some time.

Egypt’s scenery, culture, and language are vastly different than anything I’ve been personally exposed to before. Even were I not a writer, the anthropologist in me would be fascinated by the opportunity to learn more about the Egyptians. Granted, a short cruise is no precisely the best way to do this, but I think it was a good first introduction. I fully intend to return at some point. And no doubt, stories about Egyptians both ancient and modern will ensue.

Meanwhile, I’m just pleased to be home in my own place with internet and all of my books again.


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