Week in Review

Well, it seems to have been an interesting week, so I thought I would spend today catching up on the news. Next week we will continue with the regularly scheduled content.

On the internet front, there was the hulabaloo kicked up by Mr. Scalzi’s criticism of Black Matrix publishing. His first post on the subject can be found here, but I won’t try to map the entire storm which erupted around the writing corner of the internet. Much of it was rather silly, and generally deliberately dense. Nor was Mr. Scalzi the only one to register criticism of this company, though he seems to have drawn the most flak for his views, poor man. Granted, I don’t believe he particularly cared, but I did feel a bit sorry for him. Here he goes out of his way to try and warn those of us less experienced than he about a danger, and people go up in flames. That’ll teach him to do a good deed.

In other internet writing news, the Canadian SF writer Peter Watts was arrested and charged with “assault of a federal officer” upon attempting to return to Canada from a visit in the US. The details, as related by the author himself, are here, and Mr. Scalzi also has a post about the circumstances. Briefly, it appears that Mr. Watts was pulled over by the US Border Police, in order that they might search his car. During the course of this, for some reason, the police attacked Mr. Watts, arrested, and charged him. Whether or not this was police brutality, or perfectly reasoned response to a perceived threat by the police is the subject of much heated debated throughout the Writer-verse. Myself, I think I shall reserve judgement until the video tape (there is rumored to have been CCTV on site) is released to the public. I should say it was probably a really bad decision for Mr. Watt’s to exit his car upon being pulled over. However, I do think that being severely beaten, and possibly incarcerated for two years of your life, not to mention instantly acquiring a criminal record, is a bit of over-kill as far as consequences go for bad decisions. Nevertheless, the furor arising throughout the online writing community may prove good for something, if it can force the authorities to look at the issue of police brutality and address the issue in a way that won’t further handicap the honest defenders of the average citizen’s rights. This is unfortunately a very fine line to walk.

My final bit of news is of a rather more personal nature. I have finally finished my Literature Review, and can now turn my attention to my novel with a clear conscience. It is with the greatest pleasure that I will begin the first round of edits on my Work in Progress, Princess (Working Title), and hopefully whip it into some sort of shape for my lovely beta readers quickly. As it stands, the premise is strong, and parts of the writing are good, but I have some minor issues, and certainly need to flesh out the characters a bit.

Thought for the Day: “An explanation of cause is not a justification by reason.” C.S. Lewis

Currently Reading: “Women in Ancient Egypt” by Gay Robins


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