New Beginnings.

I am a student and a wife. But I am also an artist, and as everyone knows, artists crave attention. Hence this Blog. Here is where I will cry out into the great, uncaring Blogosphere (of DOOM!) “See me! See what I can do!” and hope that some of it is read, and more importantly that some of it is both useful and entertaining. In the coming pages I will write on many topics without doubt. However, all of these topics will be connected to my great passion and hobby, reading. Of course, in order for there to be reading, there must by necessity be writing as well. Therefore, this will be both a Reader’s and a Writer’s blog. There will be both unofficial, informal book reviews of my favorite authors, both new and ancient, and commentary on my trials, tribulations, and experiences as an Author.

Though I am not yet Published, this makes me no less a writer. I write many things, most of them Fantasy related, or else Academic papers. My first novel is in its first draft stages, thanks in no small part to the wonderful, wonderful organization, NaNoWriMo. Though it is unfinished, I believe it will be worth sharing with the world once completed, and to that end I am striving. Here-to-fore, I have only written small pieces of Fiction intended solely for my friends, or academic essays intended solely for my Professors and the University archives. This foray into Novelling is both terrifying and exhilarating. I sincerely hope the terror dissipates eventually, and the exhilaration remains eternally.

I hope to update this blog once weekly, currently on Sundays. Of course, as life’s many surprises, twists, and turns ambush me, doubtless this will change. So, I do not promise continuous, endless posts on a fixed schedule. However, I do make it my pledge that should a change in schedule, or a brief cessation of updates become necessary, I will do my utmost to give fair warning, or at least an explanation.

So! Now for some content. As this is the Beginning, I do not propose to dwell overly long on a topic. However, I feel that some mention should be made here of two wonderful organizations which have helped me grow as a writer already in the short period of time I have been associated with them. They have also partially inspired me to create this Blog, and some acknowledgement should be made to them. These two are Nanowrimo, the National Novel Writing Month organization, and Absolute Write, specifically their open forum. Both provide invaluable communities for new writers.

Nanowrimo (found here) is great for helping the great procrastinators of the world (i.e. myself) get a first draft done and done quickly. It forces one to write every day, and meet specific goals. It is also a tremendous amount of fun, and I would encourage anyone who enjoys writing, from the already published author to the absolute beginner who never intends to let anyone read their writings ever.

I found the Absolute Write forums (they are here) through Nanowrimo. It is a community of authors, from fiction to bloggers, to writers of textbooks. They also range in experience, again from the published-several-times-over Authors to the rank beginner just writing their first short story. I would encourage any author, of whatever level, to at the very least browse these forums. For one thing, each individual forum has a number of stickies full of excellent information put together by very kind and generous people. And best of all, you can browse the forums without actually creating an account, though of course in order to post, one must register. I would urge one to register immediately, as it can take some time to get approved by the moderators, so if you register before you develop that burning question, you don’t have to wait around and possibly forget it!

So, I think I have rambled on for long enough now, and will bid you all adieu and say “See you next Sunday!”

Thought for the Day: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” a Proverb

Currently Reading: Village Life in Ancient Egypt: Laundry Lists and Love Songs ~A.G. McDowell


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